In early 2012 I was asked to plan and implement the relaunch of

RockYourLife! is one of Germany’s most successful social enterprises. Its goals is to increase upward mobility of middle school students, especially of teenagers from difficult social backgrounds. They rely on a network of volunteers who “coach” the students during their last two years of school. Coaching happens face-to-face on a local level.

Up until early 2012 every local branch of RYL! had to maintain a dedicated Joomla! site. With more than 40 local branches and the same amount of Joomla! installations, it easy to image how much work must have gone only into keeping the existing sites up to date.

My task was to consolidate RockYourLife’s! entire web presence. This included a complete redesign and restructuring of all their sites and ultimately lead to the merger of the corporate as well as the branch websites into a single ExpressionEngine installation.

Take a look!